Docol steel lets you do both.

The cost advantage is a big part of the value when choosing Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS). With AHSS, you can obtain the same weight reduction as with aluminum, but for a much lower price. The consistency and high quality of Docol AHSS also gives you the benefit of efficient and hassle-free production. However, Docol AHSS is not only the most cost-effective choice, it is also the most sustainable.


Advanced High Strength Steel is superior to other lightweight materials as less CO2 is emitted during its production. When it comes to Docol AHSS, the numbers are even better. SSAB has one of the cleanest steel production processes in the world – and we are aiming even higher. By 2050 we plan to have a totally fossil free production. In addition, it can be said that many Docol AHSS grades allow for cold forming, which uses less energy than other processes, and steel is 100% recyclable.

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